Random Question!

I can’t focus worth crap today, so! Random question for you all.

I’ve been toying with the idea of selling copies of short stories for a while now. Almost a year, I guess? Anyway, the idea was that I’d print out each short story and seal them in envelopes (coloured envelopes or something, to distinguish between stories…I haven’t firmed up any details yet.) At first, I was thinking they would be random stories, but now I’m pondering writing a few stories about Deirdre, the shaman character who inspired the Shaman’s Trinkets line. That way you can kind of…learn about the character and whatnot. I have ideas for things. Maybe write a serial novel about her training as a shaman? As a prequel to the novel that I am perpetually working on. Just batting around ideas now in my dizzy little brain.

I’d have the stories available online (shipping would be cheap, since it’s just an envelope) and in markets. What do you think? Would you be interested?

I don’t know. I can’t focus on anything. Posting this is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve accomplished today. I almost sat down to bead…I’m really glad I didn’t. Probably would have stabbed myself but good with wire or lost a hundred tiny beads on the floor. I really need to stop rambling so I can post this darn thing. Gah!


2 thoughts on “Random Question!

    1. I haven’t figured out costs yet. It’ll depend on things like envelope costs and so on right now. But probably not more than a few dollars. I do have the anthology idea on the back burner for now. Short stories are kind of a new-ish medium for me. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten into doing them seriously. I’m just not sure I’d have enough to compile into anything coherent at this point. But maybe one day! šŸ™‚

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