New Listing: Fiddlesticks! Handmade Fidget Tools for Anxious Hands

I am a life-long fidgeter. If I can keep my hands occupied, then I can focus better. So all these new fidget toys everywhere are exciting. There’s are a few things about them that bother me, namely that they’re distracting to other people. They’re great if you’re alone, but what if you’re in a class or a meeting? What if you have to give a speech or a presentation? What if you’re sitting behind your table at a busy market, feeling overwhelmed by all the noise and people?

That’s where Fiddlesticks! come in. They are small and flat enough to fit in a pocket or wallet, so you can hide them in your hand. They’re also silent, so you can fidget with them while you’re giving a presentation, or sitting in class, or even working alone. They won’t disturb anyone around you. I keep one in my market apron so I have something to fiddle with during markets that’s not distracting.

Fiddlesticks! are made with hematite beads. Hematite is a heavy stone, due to its iron content. It’s also a popular grounding stone.

Simply tuck the brass bar in your fingers and roll the bead between your thumb and the side of your index finger. The movement is subtle, so you can hold your hand in your pocket and do it, or even keep your hand by your side.

Buy here.


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