Start-up Struggles: Lists for the Scattered Brain


I’m a list person.

My brain is filled with an endless chatter of ideas and images and tangents. Sometimes it’s exciting, like when I get ideas for new products or stories. Other times, it’s stressful as hell, because I can’t keep things straight. And when you have so very many things to do, it’s necessary to keep things straight.

So, lists. When I write a list down, I can clear the scattered bits of it out of my head, allowing for space for other scattered bits. I’m not flailing about uselessly because I’ve started a dozen things, finished none, and have no idea where to continue. (That’s when Anxiety moves in, bringing along its friend Self-Doubt, and they don’t let me focus at all.)

Starting up your own business is a busy task. There’s no time for feeling like there’s too much to do, that you can’t possibly figure it all out. That’s time that should be going to the business (especially when you’re working several jobs, like I am, and have limited time to work on the business anyway.) I’ve got so many things that I need or want to do with my jewelry, and the bits and pieces of them are so scattered that it seems undoable. I thought it might get easier the longer I do it (you know, crossing things off the list and whatnot) but it doesn’t. There’s always more. Another market. New ideas. New social media platforms. New problems.

So it’s list time. I’ve started scraping together the bits of tasks and ideas. And I was right, there’s a lot. And I keep adding more. Expanding ideas. New questions. But writing them down will help.

I hope.

So…it’s time for a list.

So I’m trying to get my various plans out of my head and onto paper so I can


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