Start-up Struggles: Lists for the Scattered Brain


I’m a list person.

My brain is filled with an endless chatter of ideas and images and tangents. Sometimes it’s exciting, like when I get ideas for new products or stories. Other times, it’s stressful as hell, because I can’t keep things straight. And when you have so very many things to do, it’s necessary to keep things straight.

So, lists. When I write a list down, I can clear the scattered bits of it out of my head, allowing for space for other scattered bits. I’m not flailing about uselessly because I’ve started a dozen things, finished none, and have no idea where to continue. (That’s when Anxiety moves in, bringing along its friend Self-Doubt, and they don’t let me focus at all.)

Starting up your own business is a busy task. There’s no time for feeling like there’s too much to do, that you can’t possibly figure it all out. That’s time that should be going to the business (especially when you’re working several jobs, like I am, and have limited time to work on the business anyway.) I’ve got so many things that I need or want to do with my jewelry, and the bits and pieces of them are so scattered that it seems undoable. I thought it might get easier the longer I do it (you know, crossing things off the list and whatnot) but it doesn’t. There’s always more. Another market. New ideas. New social media platforms. New problems.

So it’s list time. I’ve started scraping together the bits of tasks and ideas. And I was right, there’s a lot. And I keep adding more. Expanding ideas. New questions. But writing them down will help.

I hope.

So…it’s time for a list.

So I’m trying to get my various plans out of my head and onto paper so I can


Balancing Act

I don’t recommend trying to balance four jobs at once, unless you absolutely have to.

Especially don’t quit one of those jobs and attempt to seamlessly slide into another job right after.

This is a very long week for me. My mom’s out of the country for the week, so I booked four days off at the coffee kiosk so I could help out at her store. (Not that it’s stopped them from asking me to pick up a shift during these four days.) The other three days, I’m slinging coffee.

I also landed a new part-time job in a book store, so I put in my notice at the coffee kiosk on Sunday. My last shift there is tomorrow. And of course, the new job is trying to schedule me in for training. (I did tell them that I would have to put in my notice, and that I was needed at my mom’s store for these four days before I was even interviewed.) There was some serious miscommunication happening (her call/voice mail to me just didn’t show up in my phone, and a message I left for her about not hearing from her didn’t make it to her, either) that had me freaking out. I should probably note that this is the first time in my life where I’m going directly from one job to another. Every other time, I’ve had some time off in between, allowing me flexibility with scheduling training shifts. But it’s sorted now, I start on Monday, and I’m not the only one. Yay.

The new job is a mornings-only, 3-4 shifts a week, no Saturdays gig. Yeah, it’s 5am, but I’d be done by 10am, giving me time not only to be productive during “normal day hours,” but I could even have a nap before being productive. I’m also hoping that I’ll have fewer problems with my lungs.

(I have a chronic cough that may be asthma, but the doctors don’t seem to be interested in running any sort of tests beyond x-rays. The coffee kiosk has every single one of my triggers, and I have the worst of the worst coughing fits there at least once a shift. And it’s gotten so bad that I’m now dealing with super-fun bouts of rib pain that’s likely inflammation in the intercostal muscles or tendons. Which the doctors also don’t seem to want to test for beyond x-rays and blood tests to rule out blood clots. At least it’s not blood clots.)

So it’s been quiet at my beading table this week. I did get in a shipment of findings yesterday that I’m mostly happy with (one item was listed as metal, but I’m about 98% certain it’s plastic…and if not, it’s stupid-cheap metal.) The next Witchery Market is in two weeks, so I’d better get in gear.

With the no Saturdays thing, though…I’m going to have to take a serious look at applying for one of the local farmer’s markets. I still need to do some research into a few things for it, and there’s no guarantee I’d get in. But if I can get in to a weekly market and make a decent amount of money every week, I could potentially quit working for someone else (aside from my mom) entirely.

Busy, busy brain.