Start-Up Struggles: Can Anyone Hear Me?

The Internet is a very big place.

This isn’t an entirely new revelation for me. I mean, I practically grew up on the Internet. I remember begging my mom to let me sign up for my very first email so I could chat with my friends on MSN Messenger. I remember when my mom downloaded a “caller ID” app on our computer so that when someone called, we could decide if we wanted to get off the Internet to answer it (wasn’t dial-up wonderful?) I’ve always known I was just a very small presence on the web.

And I’ve always been rather content being small. Making friends on message boards, maybe sharing my email with a few trusted ones so we could chat on MSN (I held on to that for a long time, okay? Well into my twenties.) And then I transitioned to Facebook, because that’s where everyone else was. I’m far from a tech-y person and I take a long time to learn new tech stuff, so I tend to stick to one thing at a time.

But with this whole jewelry business thing…I have to make myself big. Or at least, bigger. I have to engage lots of different types of people. I’m throwing myself at multiple social media platforms and hoping that I don’t flail around aimlessly for too long. True, I did take a little marketing in my degree, but that was by no means the focus of my studies, and none of it touched on social media marketing.

I’m left feeling very small and very quiet.

Of course, if it wasn’t for the Internet, I’d have no hope of getting this business going without a serious cash investment. So I just have to buckle down and figure this stuff out. When I’m not making jewelry, or taking pictures, or kicking my manuscript, or pouring coffee, or chasing Tizzy, or writing newsletters…

Maybe I can give up sleep?


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