The Topaz That Had to be Mine


This dainty beauty is one of my newest acquisitions (and it was difficult to photograph.) It’s imperial topaz.

Back in February, I was helping out down at my mom’s store while she was off playing on a boat in Hawaii. I was organizing the display of crystal spheres when I found this tiny pendant in the fabric at the bottom of the display. It had been missing long enough to be marked stolen at an inventory.

I found a place for it with the mystic topaz (no other topaz pendants in the store) and went on with my day. I did tell my mom about it when she got home.

I’ve been at the store a couple of times since, and each time, I’ve found myself admiring this little pendant. Even today. It wasn’t in with the mystic topaz anymore (it wasn’t even pinned down to the display board.) I found it while showing a customer some moonstone jewelry.

So I decided that I should just buy the damn thing.

I set the pendant down with my other items (two crystals and a nifty box) for Mom to ring in. She picked up the pendant…and promptly dropped it. She couldn’t find it, so I got down on my hands and knees to look. She was looking on the entirely wrong shelf! I found it, and handed it back to her.

That’s when she told me that a few weeks ago, a customer was looking for a topaz pendant, but my mom couldn’t find this one anywhere.

So it just had to be mine, I guess.


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