Busy Monday

I’m currently designing info cards for the Shaman’s Trinkets line (and I realized that I was doing it backwards, which would wind up costing me more money, so I’m going to have to restart, hooray.) And Tizzy is napping beside me. She was working hard today, too: pestering the cat, eating treats, getting the hiccoughs, and napping. It’s a tough life.

But I got pictures of all of my currently-available necklaces (check out my Instagram account for samples.) I’d been hoping to edit them today and post them here or on Facebook, but that’s not looking likely.

We also went to a local retail supply place, and I loaded up on new display things. For both pictures and market tables.

I have at least one market coming up in about six weeks, and my head is spinning with all the things I want to get done. And between my new part-time job and an upcoming big writing project, part of my brain is freaking out that I won’t be ready in time.

I need to make a list. I don’t get things done efficiently without lists.



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