The Topaz That Had to be Mine


This dainty beauty is one of my newest acquisitions (and it was difficult to photograph.) It’s imperial topaz.

Back in February, I was helping out down at my mom’s store while she was off playing on a boat in Hawaii. I was organizing the display of crystal spheres when I found this tiny pendant in the fabric at the bottom of the display. It had been missing long enough to be marked stolen at an inventory.

I found a place for it with the mystic topaz (no other topaz pendants in the store) and went on with my day. I did tell my mom about it when she got home.

I’ve been at the store a couple of times since, and each time, I’ve found myself admiring this little pendant. Even today. It wasn’t in with the mystic topaz anymore (it wasn’t even pinned down to the display board.) I found it while showing a customer some moonstone jewelry.

So I decided that I should just buy the damn thing.

I set the pendant down with my other items (two crystals and a nifty box) for Mom to ring in. She picked up the pendant…and promptly dropped it. She couldn’t find it, so I got down on my hands and knees to look. She was looking on the entirely wrong shelf! I found it, and handed it back to her.

That’s when she told me that a few weeks ago, a customer was looking for a topaz pendant, but my mom couldn’t find this one anywhere.

So it just had to be mine, I guess.


Busy Monday

I’m currently designing info cards for the Shaman’s Trinkets line (and I realized that I was doing it backwards, which would wind up costing me more money, so I’m going to have to restart, hooray.) And Tizzy is napping beside me. She was working hard today, too: pestering the cat, eating treats, getting the hiccoughs, and napping. It’s a tough life.

But I got pictures of all of my currently-available necklaces (check out my Instagram account for samples.) I’d been hoping to edit them today and post them here or on Facebook, but that’s not looking likely.

We also went to a local retail supply place, and I loaded up on new display things. For both pictures and market tables.

I have at least one market coming up in about six weeks, and my head is spinning with all the things I want to get done. And between my new part-time job and an upcoming big writing project, part of my brain is freaking out that I won’t be ready in time.

I need to make a list. I don’t get things done efficiently without lists.


Supplier Options: AliExpress

AliExpress is not a safe place for someone like me.

I am a habitual shopper. I’m not the worst habitual shopper in the world, but it is a bad habit that I struggle to control. Partly because shopping is sometimes necessary, and partly because now it’s just so freakin’ easy to do. I don’t even have to leave my house, so it doesn’t matter if it’s frigid ¬†or hailing or blisteringly hot outside. And now online stores have wishlists…online window-shopping has become something I just do when I’m bored.

AliExpress is a new venture for me. I stumbled into my first purchases there while searching for panther charms (because my usual supplier had diddly squat.)

Variety! Wholesale quantities and prices! Setting it to show Canadian pricing! Free shipping! Yeah. My bank account took a hit. I failed to notice that ship times and whatnot are long.

Hell, it took several days just for my payment to be “verified.” About a week for all the parcels to get shipped. I’m used to ordering from places that process my payment within a day and ship my parcel by the next business day (sometimes the same day, if I order early enough.)

The first parcel arrived today. Twenty eight days from the order. Which isn’t too bad, I guess, given everything. But since I can order from my other supplier in the US and get the stuff within two weeks…well.

One of the worst parts for me is the waiting. I like having tracking on a parcel, because when I don’t, I get all panicky that the item has disappeared into the void forever. But when I have tracking, I check it obsessively. I even found an app that will track parcels across different shipping companies and countries (and sends push notifications when there’s a tracking update.)

But China Post can take days to update tracking. Also, I’m finding that China Post tracking numbers don’t seem to work with Canada Post tracking, even once the parcel has landed in Canada. The parcel that arrived today didn’t update in Canada Post’s system at all.

So AliExpress isn’t for when I need supplies ASAP (like last night, when I realized I was running low on crimp covers. It might cost me more to order from my US supplier, but at least I know I’ll get the crimp covers within about two weeks. Also, they were runnin gtheir $1 sale, and had a whole bunch of new chips listed at $1 or cheaper…including a mixed strand of tourmaline chips.)

Also, the search functions on AliExpress are iffy at best. At least it’s not super-strict with spelling, as many of the listings are spelled incorrectly, and they’ll still get pulled up. There’s apparently an advanced search function, but I haven’t found it yet (though I do most of my browsing on my phone, so that might be why.)

There’s a lot of scrolling involved in my window-shopping.

The bulk of the item description is in the listing title, too, which bothers me. There’s a chart in the listing that includes things like size and material, but it’s not comprehensive. I suppose I could contact the seller if I wanted more information, but…nah.

I can’t quite speak about the quality of the items yet. Not with any confidence. The parcel I received today was a packet of charms. The quality of them seems good. But I have some strings of stone chips coming, so we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of quality stones I get.

Let’s Get This Thing Started

Hello everyone!

First post, yay!

Welcome to…this. My little corner where I’ll be documenting my jewelry obsession. I love everything about jewelry: wearing it, making it, window-shopping for it, learning about how it’s made. (It kills me that my new part-time job is in food services, so I can’t wear a single piece of jewelry to work.)

This won’t all be about my own jewelry. I’m hoping to run features of my favourite jewelry artists (and possibly artists from other crafts, if I feel so inclined.)

So if you like sparkly things, too, click Follow so you can catch all of my latest posts.